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  • 10Jan

    Healthcare remains a paper intensive and minimally digitized industry. Maintaining paper-based records is labor intensive, prone to errors, difficult to audit and extremely costly. This is about to dramatically change as President Obama’s vision to move the U.S. to electronic health has been jump-started by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA). ARRA, signed on February 17, 2009, includes $19.2 billion in provisions for healthcare information technology.

    We can perform professional document scanning services for

    • Tampa Medical and Chiropractic offices
    • Clearwater Medical and Chiropractic offices
    • Clearwater Hospitals
    • Tampa Hospitals
    • Dentists in Clearwater and Tampa
    • Health Insurance record keeping office applications
    • and just about any healthcare application in Tampa and surrounding areas.

    We  convert the healthcare records of your Tampa Office or Clearwater Office into electronic for, right there on site, fully under your control.

    Digitizing all health related documents can expedite patient care, improve the quality of care, enhances records management to facilitate regulatory compliance and can yield significant cost savings.

    Healthcare Applications:

    • Patient records management
    • Admission & registration
    • Clinical data repositories
    • Medical orders
    • Consent forms
    • Back office

      • Claims processing
      • Explanation of benefits (EOBs)
      • Accounts payable
      • Accounts receivable

    Benefits of Scanning:

    • Scanned documents enable simultaneous access and collaboration
    • Eliminates the costs and risks of lost documents
    • Reduce labor and material costs associated with paper-based records
    • Reduce potential errors and improve patient care through accurate document storage and retrieval
    • Scan to PDF for easier file sharing
    • Substantially reduce physical storage requirements
    • Secure access mitigates risks
    • Expedite and enhance patient service
    • Achieve regulatory compliance by enabling better recordkeeping through scanning
    • Estalibhs a foundation for on-going process improvement

    Our document scanning services: Your prescription for healthcare paperwork

    With an intelligent application of document imaging technologies, healthcare organizations can reap enormous returns in cost savings, and efficiency improvement. Vital information that previously took hours to retrieve can now be accessed within seconds, eliminating potential errors and improving overall patient care. In addition, healthcare organizations also eliminate significant paper storage costs, including off-site facility rental and couriers, folders and labels, multi-part forms, microfilm and microfiche, and transport carts and bins. Hospitals, physician practices, pharmacies, dentists, insurance payers, and small clinics can all benefit from smart document imaging solutions.

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  • 10Jan

    We specialize in providing high quality scanning document scanning services and we can come to your offices in the Tampa area and also in Clearwater and surrounding cities.  On-site scanning in Tampa? On-site scanning in Clearwater? Our specialty.

    One thing that makes our job easier is to use the best equipment for large volume scanning jobs.

    Who has been voted the market leader in document imaging scanners and services? Fujitsu, the very brand we use and recommend.

    Sunnyvale, CA, January 5, 2010 — Fujitsu Computer Products of America, Inc., the market leader in document imaging scanners and services, today announced that it has been recognized by Business Solutions Magazine as a Best Channel Vendor for 2010, the second straight year the company has received this honor. Through an exhaustive survey completed by over 1,354 verified BSM reseller subscribers and totaling over 12,000 votes, Fujitsu ranked at the top of the ECM Hardware category among a long list of companies for its strong product innovation, comprehensive channel program, advanced service and support offering, and the company’s overall working relationship with its Value Added Resellers (VARs).

    What makes the Fujitsu scanners so good? It is a combination of features that result in an optimal dot matrix of the black-and-white scanned image so that legibility and optical character recognition are of top quality.

    Are your offices in Tampa or Clearwater and surroundings? Call us for your document scanning and imaging job.

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