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Sometimes the idea of leaving your own trusted files and documents in the hands of strangers can feel a bit unsafe. Security can be an important issue for a lot of business and offices.

With on site scanning this is no longer an issue knowing that all your files are with nearby and at the palm of your hands.

Outsourcing your documents to scanning services can have its disadvantages not the least of which is not having your files to hand should you need them in the day to day affairs of your business. Additionally some document scanning projects can take up to six weeks to completion.

With On site scanning you also won’t have to worry about entrusting your files to a number of different people working on the project such as the pick up man, the file arranger, the scanner, the database in/charge, transport personnel etc. etc. You could have as many as 12 people go through your files before the project is complete so confidentiality will be hard to come by.

With our team we will be able to accomplish the job with only 2 people on average and before work is begun a confidentiality/non-disclosure agreement will be signed ensuring that any and all documents will be protected and secured.

On Site Scanning is More Cost Effective

Yes scanning on site is also much more cost effective. If you fact in the cost of the scanner,  maintenance,  labor,  software and transportation or shipping then you will see why. A lot of work goes into each and every scanning project as well as physical work such as the removal of staples, paper clips, binder clips etc to the sorting of the documents to the indexing of all the information. When you take away the shipping and transport costs, you will save money.

On site scanning will provide you the peace of mind that all your documents are safe and secure, while having everything to hand while the project is under way an saving you money in the process. You can’t go wrong.

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