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Are big bulky file cabinet filling up more and more space in your office? Today about 90-95% of businesses have their data and documents in files and on paper. Having the data to hand electronically solves a host of problems for many businesses.

Clearwater and Tampa Document Scanning to CD or DVD

The contents of 10 or more file cabinets fit onto a single DVD.

Once a company has made the decision to go digital, the first thing is normally to call a scanning company to put all of their records onto disk and into a database. Once the data has been electronically stored, access to the data becomes much easier and any database operating system such as Microsoft Excel can take it from there. Why go all the to the back of the office, open the clunky cabinet that is taking up all your valuable office space to physically go thru the folders to find the data you need when you can just as easily type in a search on your computer and have all the data you need to do your job in a matter of seconds. As we progress as in technology in the world, it seems almost as if paper, unless absolutely necessary in the form of cheques or invoices etc, is becoming obselete.

This will be an excellent time saver for your business and save money in lost production for your company in the long run. Also it’s the green way to go saving many many trees from needing to be cut down each year. Not to mention the savings of not having to buy clunky file cabinets anymore. Streamline you production! Go paperless.