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There are many benefits to out sourcing as well. Besides the fact that you will have a quick turn a around time, this will allow us the oppurtunity to create a database of all your information. Our experienced staff will rapidly go through all your documents one at a time and using OCR ( optical character recognition) all your information will be indexed and available to you immediately. We support documents of all shapes and sizes so you won’t need to worry about presorting your material.

Once the project is complete and all the data is online, you will have the option of what to do with the hard copies. Generally shredding is the most common solution, as all of your data is now safely stored electronically, free from fire, water and other types of damage. When the documents have been shredded a certificate of destruction will be issued. However there may be several reasons for you to keep you hard copies, in which case off site storage may be what your looking for. There are many options for off site storage and we will be able to give the enough options to help you make the best choice for your business.

Whether in house or out sourced, our customer satisfaction rating is very high and I’m you’ll be pleased with the results. Once the project is complete we will  train you in the use of your new database which, as you’ll find, is almost as simple as opening a file drawer. Only much more convenient. : )